Mass Sign-up Instructions

Available Masses at the time being

  • Tuesday to Friday at 8:30am.
  • Saturday at 4pm.
  • Sunday at 9am and 11am.


  • After daily Mass.
  • Saturday at 3pm.
  • Or call the office to setup an appointment.

Who should not be attending Mass at the church

  • Anyone who is elderly and/or compromised in health should do the same instead of coming to Mass at the church.


Please carefully read and follow the instruction closely

After signed up and when you come to church, you are asked to

  • Be at the church at least 10 minutes before Mass time to avoid traffic jam at the entrance of the church.
  • Use only the double doors at the main entrance for entering and exiting the church.
  • Use the hand sanitizers available at the check-in table.
  • Keep a six-foot distance from one another at all times (family members can sit together in the same pew).
  • Sit in the pews that have been disinfected and arranged for social distance.
  • Do not touch your face or anything that you don’t have to.
  • Wear a face cover or a mask while in the church.
  • Sign up if you want to come to Mass at the church. This is a MUST. Those who do not have access to internet can call the office to sign up from 10am to 2pm Monday – Friday. The phone number is (503) 222-2168.

How To Sign Up

  • Click on the link below and on the “View” of either weekdays or Saturdays or Sundays.
  • Click on “Sign Up” on the particular Mass of the day that you want to attend.
  • Enter your active email address and then click “Continue”, confirm it when asked.
  • Enter your name, number of people in your group, and phone number.
  • Click on “Save and Done” and wait for confirmation of your sign-up.
  • Congratulations, a place in the church is reserved for you at the Mass of your choice!

The link to sign up for Masses can be found at

Archdiocese of Portland Information on COVID-19

Happy Easter

Our second fireside chat with Fr. Jim discussing Holy Week is up for viewing here:

The following readings are available on Vimeo for your viewing:

Reading 1:

Reading 2:

Reading 3:

Reading 4:

Our sincere thanks to Kathy Sabel for all her efforts producing this material. And thanks to our readers, Matt Cato, Jeanne Horton, Kathy Sabel and Diarmuid O’Scannlain. Your familiar voices on Vimeo are the next best thing to attending the Easter Vigil at St. Elizabeth

In order with music:

Reading 1:

Psalm 104:  Send Forth Your Spirit O Lord :

Reading 2:

Psalm 16: The Path of Life:

Reading 3:

Exodus 15:  To God Be Praise and Glory—Pax Christi Catholic Church:

Isaiah 55:  Come to the Water:

Reading 4:

Isaiah 12:  You Will Draw Water Joyfully (partial recording):

Hallelujah is Our Song:

Christ Be Our Light:

Fr. Jim discussing Holy Week:

Spirit and Grace:

Roll Away the Stone—Chris Brunelle:

Hallelujah, My Father—University of Notre Dame Folk Choir:

Sing with All the Saints in Glory:

Happy Easter