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We are located at 4112 SW 6th Ave Dr. Portland, OR 97239

Alleluia … HE HAS RISEN …. HE IS ALIVE … Alleluia !!!

By Easter Sunday of 2021, online signing up to attend Mass is no longer needed. Our Greeters will nonetheless ask for your name and working phone number at the church’s entrance for pandemic precaution. Wearing mask and keeping safe distance, however, are a MUST when come to Mass. If you have special medical condition, please see our Greeters for further assistance. HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYONE!

Daily Mass is at 8:30AM from Tuesday to Friday. If Masses in the weekend are inconvenient for you, please consider taking advantage of this opportunity to receive the Real Presence of our Lord at the Altar. Signing up is not needed. Wearing mask and keeping social distancing are currently required.

Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal (ACA). Our parish has been known as a hospitable and generous community when it comes to serving the hungry. We should take pride on that. Once a year, we are called to look beyond the boundary of our parish and to remember that we also are part of a bigger family; that is, the Archdiocese of Portland in Western Oregon. Just like other families, our Archdiocese has many needs that cannot be taken care of without our generous help. These needs go from feeding the hungry to providing shelters for homeless, from giving proper education to children to ensuring strong religious education to everyone in various age groups, and from preparing future priests to taking care of our senior priests who had given their lives to serve us. The list goes on. This is an opportunity for all of us to show our faith in God’s presence among us. This is an opportunity for all of us to share His presence with others. And this is an opportunity for all of us to be together in taking care of real needs of other members in our Catholic family here in Archdiocese of Portland in Western Oregon. Please click on the link below to watch a video that points out some of those real needs. During the pandemic, online giving is considered a best option for us to share what God has given to us in a financial way. Make sure to click on the “GIVE NOW” button on the bottom of the page when you’re done watching the video. Our parish’s goal for this year ACA is $21,890.53. It might not be fulfilled by one person, but together, we can make it happen as a parish! Please note, if you decide to write a check instead, please make it to “ACA” and send it to the parish. We will hand it off to the Archdiocese upon its arrival to the office. On behalves of those who will be receiving our generosity, THANK YOU!



This new liturgical year is also named as “The Year of St. Joseph” by our Pope Francis. The Vatican has published a beautiful writing about his announcement. Please click here to read about it.


Our Archdiocese has published a newest update.

For now, our parish will invite up to 60 people to attend Mass at a single time (including the Presider, Lector, and Choir Members). Therefore, in order to help us monitoring the limit of Mass’s participation on weekend and/or special celebration, please continue to use our current sign-up for Mass methods. However, sign-up is not required for attending Mass until further notice.

As a reminder, please wear mask and keep social distancing directive at all time while you are on the church’s property. Also, please plan to be at the church at least ten minutes before Mass time so we can begin it on time.

Below is the letter from our Archbishop Sample regarding the update.


Our regular Mass times

  • Tuesday to Friday at 8:30 am.
  • Saturday at 4 pm.
  • Sunday at 9 am and 11 am.


  • After daily Mass.
  • Saturday at 3pm.
  • Or call the office to setup an appointment.


This section is being updated.

For information on receiving the sacraments please contact the parish office.

For information related to the ministries during the Mass: Readers, Music, Greeters – please contact the parish office.

During COVID the outreach ministries have been restricted. These minitries included:

  • Providing sacraments to and visiting the sick at the OHSU hospitals
  • Biweekly meals to Transistion Project shelters
  • Partner with St Thomas More Conference of Society of St Vincent de Paul – primary ministry is visiting the incarcerated youth at Mac Laren. This ministry has been going on for over 50 years.


We are small welcoming parish near the OHSU and Veterans Hospitals.   We have a lively parish life and meaningful services.

Come join us!


To Contact us



Please note this rings a real phone and will wake Father up if you call late at night.


St Elizabeth of Hungary
4112 SW Sixth Ave Dr
Portland, OR 97239


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